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Sleeping Sickness

Sleeping Sickness

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Tyler Buchanan is trapped, battered and bruised, on his way home from a brutal, classified assignment, and forbidden to fly until the US government can debrief him.

All he wants is a few days of quiet rest, with a friend, in the historic and beautiful university town of Cambridge. Instead, he finds himself in the midst of an impossible murder.

The Cambridge University Sleep Center is a luxuriously appointed research facility in one of the older colleges. It is locked up tight from 10pm to 7am, to protect the sleep of the patients within.

So, when one of the residents is found dead, in a room that no one could possibly have entered, suicide seems to be the only possibility.

But not for Buchanan. He knows it was murder. Can he unmask the killer before his bosses ​recall him and he has to leave the country?

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