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Italian Spanish French Key Words

Italian Spanish French Key Words

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Quickly Master Basic Languages by Building a Practical Vocabulary Fast!

* New – Completely revised and updated
* BONUS: includes PDF version for your mobile, tablet or PC *
* You get THREE basic language dictionaries in one handy book
* A simple, fast, proven way to learn the language with ease
* First 500 words provides 75% common usage
* Easy units - your confidence grows as your vocabulary grows

Key Words provide an easy route to mastering excellent language basics.

Learn your chosen language quickly and simply.

Contains our 3 most popular language-learning titles - Spanish Key Words, Italian Key Words and French Key Words in one great value package - three books for less than the price of two!

The first 500 words account for 75% of normal conversational usage. The full 2,000 words will equip you for nearly all word occurrences in modern usage in speech, newspapers, books, television etc.

Key Words books present you with the 2,000 word basic vocabulary ordered by frequency of occurrence in modern usage - in one hundred simple units.

The books are a learning aid benefiting from computer analysis of a million words and consist of a list of the commonest two thousand key words in the target language, with their meanings in English, arranged in decreasing order of frequency.

A simple, fast, proven way to learn a new language with ease.

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