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Murder at the College

Murder at the College

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Mr. Sidney Henlow's monthly committee meetings at St. Oswald's College were always quite uneventful - until, that is, the day Francis Hatton was found murdered in the meeting room.

At the luncheon adjournment Hatton had remained behind to eat his sandwiches, to read the report of the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Monuments, and to meet death – for Death, swift and unforeseen, struck him down in that brief hour...

The respectable committee members were stunned and bewildered, unable to fathom who could have done such a thing to the harmless Hatton. For instance - how on earth did the killer enter and exit the secluded college undetected?

Sergeant Ambrose is assigned to the case, determined to get to the bottom of this perplexing mystery. As he conducts his investigation, he uncovers some unusual clues and, with the help of some lucky coincidences, he begins to unravel the case.

Can he close it before another terrifying murder?

This classic mystery novel will keep you on the edge of your seat, as Sergeant Ambrose employs his solid detection skills to solve the case of the Murder in the College.

Victor L. Whitechurch (1868 -1933), was a Church of England clergyman and author, writing books on religion, novels set in the church, thrillers and detective stories. Murder at the College was his last.

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