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Night Climbing Bundle

Night Climbing Bundle

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Our Night Climbing Bundle consists of all the Cambridge climbing titles together - with Geoffrey Winthrop-Young's Wall and Roof Climbing included at no charge.

The Night Climbers of Cambridge - the 1937 cult classic that brought the pursuit into the public gaze before rapidly going out of print and disappearing for decades, becoming a legend over those years.

The Roof-Climber's Guide to St John's  is the highly-esteemed companion title to The Roof-Climber’s Guide to Trinity . Written anonymously twenty-one years later, this fascinating, unofficial tour of the roofs less travelled was compiled as an homage to that classic, but is itself a standalone triumph of this extraordinary historic pastime.

The Roof-Climber's Guide to Trinity - by turns sage and foolhardy, the advice contained within represents the cumulative experience of three inquisitive, ambitious and daring men – the authors of the three editions of The Roof-Climber’s Guide to Trinity – and their accomplices. Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, John Hurst and Richard Williams were each their generations’ luminaries in an historic sport, now known as Night Climbing; one by its very nature sparsely populated and largely anonymous. This omnibus edition contains the text of all three editions.

Wall and Roof Climbing - (Including illuminating Appendices on Furniture, Tree and Haystack Climbing)

Five years after successfully launching the original in the Night Climbing series, The Roof-Climbers Guide to Trinity, on an unsuspecting world in 1900, Geoffrey Winthrop-Young penned an astonishingly erudite parody of the literature guides of the time. With extensive stegophilic references and quotations drawn from the literature of the the last two thousand years and more, he nearly manages to prove that Catullus and Aristophanes, Shakespeare and Longfellow - amongst very many others - were avid enthusiasts and exponents of roof climbing...

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