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One Night on Earth

One Night on Earth

Perfect Bound
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One Night on Earth is a children's Bible story by Leanne Kilpatrick. This classic tale is revitalised in rhyme adding lyrical atmosphere that makes the reading and hearing of it a joy. These stories are a great way to introduce children to reading as the tales themselves are fascinating, often colourful, and feature compelling characters in situations that young minds will marvel at. Leanne has used a cheerful, involving rhyme style to craft the pace and depth of the narratives to thrilling effect and as such they are sure to be a hit with youngsters when read with adults, and by new readers enjoying their first complete books. 

The angels sang in heaven, 
A new day had begun. 
God summoned the angel Gabriel 
And said, “The time has come. 
You must go on a journey, 
You have some news to bear, 
To a little town called Nazareth 
And a young girl who lives there.”

With One Night on Earth Leanne retells the miraculous story of Jesus' birth in the famously unprepossessing surroundings and the visits by crook-wielding shepherds and star-struck magi – all warmly and brightly illustrated by Marilyn McCullough in a colourful and appealing style that children will love to explore.

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