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Spanish Key Words

Spanish Key Words

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Quickly Master Basic Spanish by Building a Practical Vocabulary Fast!

* Completely revised and updated
* An easy, fast, proven way to learn Spanish with ease
* This solid grounding in basic vocabulary is the key to mastering a second language.
* First 500 words provides 75% common usage
* Easy units - your confidence grows as your vocabulary grows

40 Years of Key Words from Oleander Languages

* A curated word list of the most frequently used words in Spanish in order, so you –
* Know and learn the most important words of the language immediately. Meaning –
* The first units contain words you’ll hear when you step off the plane or –
* Start talking with native speakers at the right pace for you.

Perfect for beginners: provides an easy route to mastering excellent basic Spanish.

One hundred easy-to-master units of 20 words each.

A simple, fast, proven way to learn Spanish with ease.

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