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The Doctor of Pimlico

The Doctor of Pimlico

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Meet Walter Featherston, the acclaimed writer of detective stories, whose true identity remains a mystery to all but a few. Known to many as a seasoned traveller in society circles across Europe, and to the police as "Mr. Maltwood," Featherston has ready access to the upper echelons of Scotland Yard and the Sûreté Générale in Paris, whilst his knowledge of criminology and success in capturing criminals is recognized internationally.

The Doctor of Pimlico, Featherston finds himself embroiled in a case involving Dr. Weirmarsh, a practicing surgeon on Vauxhall Bridge Road near Victoria Station, who is also the mastermind behind an international gang of criminals. Using General Sir Hugh Elcombe and his stepdaughter Enid as pawns in his schemes, Weirmarsh's hypnotic hold over his victims is both mysterious and terrifying.

As Featherston races to uncover the true identity and motivations of the enigmatic doctor of Pimlico, he must navigate a web of deceit and treachery that threatens to ensnare him as well.

Will he be able to solve the case and bring Weirmarsh to justice before it's too late?

Find out in this classic golden age detective novel.
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