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The Man in the Dark

The Man in the Dark

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The Murderer - Gone. The Victim - Departed. The Witness - Missing... 

A pea-souper's not the only fog facing London's detectives! 

A prominent Londoner is dead, coldly stabbed in front of his warm, crackling fire. There are clues though, and, most importantly, evidence of a witness. But, if innocent, why on earth won't they come forward? As the days pass, the police, along with private detective Francis McNab and journalist Godfrey Chance, are all left with little to go on. 

Sandy Kinloch, blind and embittered from the war, visits an old friend on that dreadful evening. A petty disagreement propels him into the grimmest danger as an unwitting witness to the murder. Although already ‘in the dark’, he is knocked out, kidnapped, bundled off in a car and held captive in the heart of the sleepy English countryside. 

Things look bleak for Kinloch as McNab and Chance race to sort out the whys and wherefores of this deadly puzzle. Alone and desperate, fingered for a crime of which he's innocent, in love with someone he can't have, and in mortal danger... 

Which appalling fate awaits Kinloch? 

John Ferguson (1871-1952) was born at Callander, Perthshire and is the author of ten mysteries, including Murder on the Marsh (1930) and The Death of Mr Dodsley (1937), though probably best known for his play, Campbell of Kilmohr.

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