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Two by Two

Two by Two

Perfect Bound
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Two by Two is a children's Bible story by Leanne Kilpatrick. This classic tale is revitalised in rhyme adding lyrical atmosphere that makes the reading and hearing of it a joy. These stories are a great way to introduce children to reading as the tales themselves are fascinating, often colourful, and feature compelling characters in situations that young minds will marvel at. Leanne has used a cheerful, involving rhyme style to craft the pace and depth of the narratives to thrilling effect and as such they are sure to be a hit with youngsters when read with adults, and by new readers enjoying their first complete books. 

“Many many years ago... 
The world was big and bad. 
God looked down from Heaven 
And his people made him sad. 
The world he’d made with light and love 
Grew darker with each day. 
He decided then to ‘clean it up’ 
And wash the bad away.”

In Two by Two Leanne retells the amazing story of Noah’s mission to save at least two of every living creature on Earth while God cleansed the world of wickedness with 40 days and nights of rain – all warmly and brightly illustrated by Marilyn McCullough in a colourful and appealing style that children will love to explore.

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